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Anette Goodwin & Andrea Stewart

We have been working together offering a team approach since 2007 and have a great love for supporting Mothers and their families. Having our own children, we understand the great life change a baby can bring, and we believe in a holistic approach of supporting you physically and emotionally, as well as providing you with the knowledge to help you in your journey of motherhood.

Anette, Andrea & Ina May Gaskin
October 2015 in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Our Services
Doula Support, Massage Therapy, Personal Fitness

Doula and Birth Support

After 10 years of sharing this amazing doula venture, 2017 will be a year of change for us. We will be taking some time away from birth support to focus on raising our little boys, as well as continuing to offer our massage therapy and other pregnancy related wellness services. We will be back, when the time is right!

A Doula accompanies women in labour to help them have a more satisfying birth experience. She provides emotional support, physical comfort, and as needed communication with the staff to make sure that you have the information you need to make informed decisions as they arise in labour.

A Doula can provide reassurance and perspective to you and your partner, make suggestions for labour progress, and help with relaxation, massage, and other techniques for comfort.

A Doula helps with breastfeeding support and the transition to life with a baby in the early postpartum period.

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Massage Therapy

Anette has been practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist with MTANS in Halifax, Nova Scotia since 2005. Her passion to help pregnant women with alleviating their physical discomfort during and after pregnancy led her to specialize in pre and post-natal massage. She offers her treatments on a specialized massage table and makes sure her clients are safe and comfortable.

In 2006, she started her journey as a doula when she decided to take the DONA Birth Doula Course and officially certified with the association in January of 2009. She finds massage therapy a great tool for her doula practice and likes to incorporate both massage and craniosacral techniques as part of her comfort measures during labour.

She currently has a relaxing clinic space set up in her home in Bedford, Nova Scotia.

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Personal Fitness

Since 2002, Andrea has been working in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer and has special certification as a Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist. In addition to being certified in yoga and nutrition, Andrea specializes in working with pregnant and postpartum clients who wish to maintain balance and wellness during and after pregnancy.

Andrea set in motion to become a certified Labour Doula in 2007 after attending the birth of a friend's daughter. She has supported many families, attended a variety of births, and has a strong passion for all things concerning pregnancy and birth. She enjoys maintaining a close relationship with her past clients and watching her doula families grow!

Currently, Andrea is working towards certification as a Postpartum Doula with CAPPA.

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What clients say about us!

"Thank you to Andrea and Anette for helping my husband and I bring our little stubborn girl into the world - and for the moments before and after for their knowledge and love. Our delivery leaves me with pride and warm feelings, not in small part to their support throughout! My husband admits he would have been a nervous wreck without them and it made the experience so special for us all!"-Suzanne Bowers

"I received prenatal massage treatments from Anette during my pregnancy. I enjoyed her massage treatments so much that I went weekly during the last trimester during my pregnancy. The massages relieved the pressure from my back and kept me feeling relaxed. I also feel that the massage treatments ultimately resulted in a more successful labour and delivery because of the overall benefits of massage to my body and mind." -Terra Sawlor

Frequently Asked Questions
Doula Support, Massage Therapy, Personal Fitness

A midwife has graduated from exensive training in a bachelor program to perform necessary medical procedures to deliver the baby. She monitors the progress of pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum healing with physical check-ups. The doula deals with the emotional and psychological support for the mother and everyone involved. She promotes comfort measures and helps the laboring woman cope with pain caused by child birth.

A doula does not substitute the important role the father or partner offers to the woman giving birth. She is there to help the woman cope with the emotional and physical discomforts of birth, but can also be a staple support to the partner. She can guide them in providing comfort measures and let them be the best support to the laboring woman. As the hours pass and the partner may feel tired, she is there to give them much needed breaks.

Absolutely not. A doula does not dictate the way you should birth, but guides you through the birth plan you envision for yourself. She will advice you on the pros and cons of pain medications, but will let you decide what is best for you and your baby.

The doula will stay with you regardless if you are having a vaginal birth or a c-section. The IWK will let the doula attend the birth in the OR with the father and will stay with you in the recovery room.

Although it is generally safe to receive treatments in your first trimester, it is recommended to seek a referral from your primary care giver before booking your initial appointment. Anette takes great care to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for you and your baby.

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Calming Presence Wellness is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada.
We provide our services to families in Halifax Regional Municipality and the surrounding areas.

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